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In some countries which have oppressively hot climates – such as Australia, the United States of America, or some southern European states such as Italy or Spain – air conditioning installation has long been considered a necessary part of normal lifestyles. However, in Britain we’ve usually more likely to value central heating, than a device expressly designed to make houses colder: air conditioning. Birmingham, however, is seeing more and more installations of air conditioning. Birmingham is not alone in this development – most cities across the United Kingdom are wakening up to the many benefits which air conditioning brings with it.

The planned and continuing development of several new areas within Birmingham city is due to provide many new buildings which are sure to demand the installation of air conditioning. Birmingham’s rejuvenation will also be a modernisation, set to carry the city along with the twenty first century helped by all of the conveniences possible – one of the most important being air conditioning. Birmingham is looking to fully refit all the buildings which are being rebuilt, and temperature control will be an important part of the comfort needed.

In some situations, central heating is at the same level of importance as air conditioning. Birmingham’s new hospital, University Hospital, which will be replacing the old Queen Elizabeth and Selly Oak hospitals, will need to house its patients in complete comfort – and that will include air conditioning. Birmingham’s new hospital will house a lot of vulnerable people, such as the sick or just the very elderly. And for these people, too much heat can be just as dangerous as too much cold. In the heat wave which hit Paris a few years ago, hundreds of elderly people were pushed into death or serious illness by too much heat and no culture of installing air conditioning in homes as standard.

However, it’s not just the new hospital which will need high tech, modern air conditioning. Birmingham’s new developments in the Arena Central and Fox and Goose shopping centres, in the new Snow Hill mixed office and residential tower and road development, and in the hotly awaited The Cube tower, will also be looking to modernise and to deliver the best possible comfort for the shoppers, workers and inhabitants of the new developments.

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Both shopping centres and offices can be very hot and claustrophobic. Although air conditioning may only seem necessary in the summertime, around Christmas time the shopping centres are sure to get very crowded. Everybody dreads the bustle and mess of shopping at Christmas, as the thousands of shoppers overheat the area. This stress will be made a good deal easier to cope with after the installation of air conditioning in the new shopping centres.

A cool environment is particularly important for offices and other work sites, where people have to be productive consistently for long stretches of time – and a cool environment can be best achieved with expertly fitted air conditioning. Birmingham workers, and all people working hard, are easily made irritable or distracted by uncomfortable environments. Everyone knows how mundane tasks can be made almost impossible when strong heat is slowly putting you to sleep at your desk, and even the most fascinating tasks can be a nuisance when you’re struck by lethargy. Although buying your staff a round of ice creams when the temperature gets unbearable would be fun, most employers have decided that it’s far less hassle to invest in air conditioning – Birmingham employers will probably find that it’s cheaper in the long run as well!

These considerations will be especially vital for those planning new developments in Birmingham. In the “Grade A” quality corporate offices intended to be built in the achingly trendy futuristic Snow Hill and The Cube building developments, a necessity will be air conditioning. Birmingham’s The Cube will be part of the Mailbox development already in existence, which has already become known as one of the coolest and most modern parts of the city. Both Snow Hill and The Cube, but in particular the very cutting edge offices - sandwiched between a boutique hotel and Birmingham’s first rooftop restaurant in the planned Cube development - will house busy staff working in very competitive companies. Any lethargy or irritability might have a serious drag on productivity.


To get to the essential reason why air conditioning in Birmingham is going to be such a necessity in the new developments, one has to think about the kind of people who are going to come along with these luxurious and ambitious new developments. People using the new offices are going to be used to highly professional environments, and will not want to work in less than ideally air conditioned Birmingham work places, but the real need for air conditioning in Birmingham may well come with their clients.

In any office which aims to attract big business, some of the visiting clients coming to talk business are bound to be travelling from overseas. In Britain, a well air conditioned office reflects luxury and modernity; in certain other countries, particularly the United States of America, a lack of air conditioning, in any month of the year, indicates a sloppy and unprofessional work environment. In the summer months, air conditioning will be useful to keep up workers’ morale. Throughout the rest of the year, it will be necessary in order to do business with people at the top of their game not just in their own country, but in the world. The same business thinking will be going on when planning the fittings for the boutique hotel due to occupy the space above the offices – a major one being air conditioning.

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Birmingham is increasing a rapidly growing number of visitors, who travel to Birmingham in order to sample the delights of a world class city. Many of these visitors will naturally expect the kind of high-tech air conditioning Birmingham systems which they would expect as a given in the US or Australia. In short, as Birmingham gradually becomes more and more commercially and culturally world class, more and more international visitors will arrive expecting luxury in all areas.

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